Suzette Knight Ceramics – Handmade Contemporary Ceramics / Cylindrical Vessel / Vase. (SKC-85)

Cylindrical Vessel / Vase. (SKC-85)

Decorative and functional Art Piece - The Abandoned Series


Decorative art piece, or a functional vase.

The main colour of this vessel is turquoise and yellow with white, orange and brown. The patterning and textures run through to the inside surface.

The inside surface has a clear glaze over the top of the decoration, and will hold liquid, if used as a vase.

The outside has a matt dry looking finish.

The surface is built up of multiple layers of slip applied in various ways to create the effect of layers of  paint, crumbling brick and plaster and scribbled graffiti.

These pieces have stapled seems, reflecting how broken ceramic wares were once cherished and mended and reused, and not just thrown away.

Materials: Ceramic Stoneware, metal, coloured slip, oxides and glaze.

Dimensions: Approximately – H:18.5cm D:9cm.




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The Abandoned series, is inspired and influenced by my love of abandoned places and buildings. I have a romanticised notion of these places. I imagine what thay have seen and heard, and the stories that they could tell. They have an air of wisdom and strength, and an ever evolving appearance which reflects their own stories. Although they have now been abandoned by the humans that once embraced them, the echos of their influences still resinate throughout.


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