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About Me

Artist Statement

My vessels and sculptural forms are influenced by textures and markings seen on decaying objects and abandoned derelict buildings.
Each mark that I make is considered but with a sense of spontaneity, reflecting the effects of natural elements and human influence.

I have always been fascinated by abandoned buildings, and decaying surfaces. I relate them to our human experience and how our bodies can show the physical and emotional scars of circumstances that occur throughout our lives. These experiences good and bad can impact on our physical and mental states.

My vessels are hand-built from rolled out slabs of clay. I add layers of coloured slips in varying viscosities, to reference the tactile qualities of thick layers of peeling paint and other construction materials, reflecting the multiple layers and depth of human existence.

Additional decoration is applied using various brush marks, printing techniques, abrasions and the addition of metal, in the form of  wire, nails and tacks which represent the mending and healing process. Glazes and oxides are added to further enhances these surface qualities.

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Winning Qualifications

Suzette Knight has a MA in Ceramic Design (Staffordshire University) and a BA(Hons) Ceramic Design (Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design).

Experienced Instructor

Suzette has been teaching pottery for years and ex-pottery Instructor at The Stables Family Home Trust. Working with all able and disabled clients in pottery instruction.

Exhibitions of Ceramic Works

Endorsing Suzette's skills are the many exhibitions of her work throughout the UK. From formal exhibitions to fringe art events Suzette is proactive in sharing her works with the public.

Archived Work.