Suzette Knight Ceramics – Handmade Contemporary Ceramics / Rectangular Ceramic Vessel -Small (SKC-18)

Rectangular Ceramic Vessel -Small (SKC-18)

The Weathered Series.


These Decorative vessels  are stand alone ceramic art pieces.
The surface is made up of a variety of textures and layers of  coloured slips, glaze and metal wires.

These pieces have stapled seems, reflecting how broken ceramic wares were once cherished and mended and reused, not just thrown away.

I take inspiration from patina and weathered man made objects, such as industrial machinery, architecture, and interior decor. I see an evolving beauty in these decaying textural surfaces, which I  reflect in the surface of my pots.


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The main colours are turquoise and orange with a matt gold metallic glaze in places.

The surfaces have a mostly dry finish.

Materials: Ceramic Stoneware, metal, slip, oxides and glaze.

Dimensions: Approximately – H:7cm W:16cm D:7cm



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