Bournemouth Restaurant Commissions Taco Plates

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Bournemouth Restaurant Commissions Taco Plates

Bournemouth restaurant Ojo Rojo commissions taco plates from Suzette Knight Ceramics and was such a hit with customers that some taco plates even left the restaurant with customers. (Read the story here at the Dorset Echo)

Suzette Knight holding the famous Taco Plates at Ojo Rojo restaurant, Bournemouth

Of course its not new for restaurants to use well designed and fine crockery, but many are now using independent ceramicists, such as Suzette Knight Ceramics, to express the trend for restaurants to commission their own tableware.

Suzette Knight Ceramics has worked in ceramics for more than 15 years and has built a reputation for creative designs, and it was no surprise that Ojo Rojo were pleased with the results.

“Because I like to make beautiful objects that are to be used, loved and incorporated into daily life, it was an honour to design and make these taco plates for Ojo Rojo. After discussion on the look and feel of the plate alongside how food was presented when using them, we created this successful tableware product” says Suzette Knight.

Why not have your tableware design by Suzette Knight Ceramics or talk to us about your unique restaurant design and serving needs.

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